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Waaagh! is a special feature of the Orks and acts as a potential combat bonus or malus. It compares your Influence.png Influence stockpile to your Influence.png Influence upkeep. Your per turn generation isn't directly taken into consideration, just the accumulated stockpile and the unit upkeep costs. It starts out at level 0 without an effect, but it will start giving a +5% Damage.png Damage bonus once your stockpile is at least 5 times as big as your upkeep (see the chart below). When your Influence.png Influence stockpile is negative and 5 times your upkeep, you would get a -5% Damage.png Damage malus instead. The bonus/ malus rises in steps of 5 and the maximum is +/-25% at 25 times your upkeep. Orks always want to have a lot of influence stockpiled, but this is made easy because Orks generate influence simply by fighting. Waaagh! is only recalculated at the start of the turn.

Stockpile Waaagh! level Damage.png Damage bonus
less than 5 times your influence upkeep 0 +0%
5 times your influence upkeep 1 +/-5%
10 times your influence upkeep 2 +/-10%
15 times your influence upkeep 3 +/-15%
20 times your influence upkeep 4 +/-20%
25 times your influence upkeep 5 +/-25%

Description[edit | edit source]

The Waaagh! is joie de vivre, crusade, immense psychic power, a tangible belief aura and perhaps the Ork gods themselves, all rolled into one teeth-rattling, gut-wrenching roar of delighted aggression pushing the Orks across the galaxy and into battle. It is the core of being an Ork.

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