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Space Marines have access to multiple abilities with map wide effects found in the top left of the screen and activatable by spending Influence.png Influence. Most of these operations are unlocked with research.

List of Operations[edit | edit source]

Operation Effect Cooldown Research tier Cost Description
Deploy City Deploys your city. Only 1 Uses.png Uses
Deploy Fortress of Redemption Deploys a Fortress of Redemption and claims every adjacent special resource tile. 10 20 Influence.png Influence + 20 Influence.png Influence for every existing Fortress of Redemption
3 Influence.png Influence upkeep
Orbital Scan Reveals the target and adjacent tiles. 1 1 20 Influence.png Influence
Deploy Tactical Doctrine For 10 turns: 10 1 80 Influence.png Influence
Assault Doctrine For 10 turns: 10 3 80 Influence.png Influence
Devastator Doctrine For 10 turns: 10 4 80 Influence.png Influence
Orbital Strike 12 Damage.png Damage, 1 Attacks.png Attacks, 8 ArmorPenetration.png Armour Penetration, 12 Accuracy.png Accuracy, Barrage, Large Blast 1 5 80 Influence.png Influence
Deploy Bolter Drill For 10 turns:
  • +2 ranged Accuracy.png Accuracy for bolt weapons
10 6 80 Influence.png Influence
The Flesh Is Weak For 10 turns:
  • +17 feel no pain DamageReduction.png Damage Reduction for infantry
10 8 80 Influence.png Influence
Machine Empathy For 10 turns:
  • +10% Hitpoints.png Hitpoints for vehicle and fortification units
10 9 80 Influence.png Influence
Siege Masters For 10 turns:
  • +33% Damage.png Damage against units in cities and fortification units
10 10 80 Influence.png Influence

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