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Relics are a special, ancient boon that can be found on Gladius Prime. Rare and difficult to obtain, relics provide each of the factions with a notable bonus in the campaign to conquer the planet.

Types[edit | edit source]

Ancient Exterminatus Device
Mobile artefact unit that can destroy the planet.
Ancient Pathcutter
Stationary artefact unit that increases the movement points. +1MP
Stationary artefact unit that restores 1 hit point each turn.
Full Spectrum Analyzer
Stationary artefact unit that increases the sight. by one tile
Mobile Holoprojector
Stationary artefact unit that increases the hitpoints. by 20%
Old One Artefact
Stationary artefact unit that increases the damage. +20% dmg
Siren Caster
Stationary artefact unit that increases the loyalty. +4 loyalty in each city per artifact
Vaul Control Device
Mobile artefact unit used to control the gift of the Silent King. Used in the Necron campaign.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • Obviously, controlling relics is a vital part of the game, especially early on when you're wanting for upgrades and survivability. To control a relic, simply approach and interact with it using a unit, securing its boon for your faction. Wresting control of one from another faction is trickier, as as long as there's a unit on the artifact or on an adjacent hex, it will remain under that faction's control. This consumes your action point for the turn. Artifacts/Relics of the same type stacks!
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