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Cast off the shackles of your slumber! The galaxy shall be ours once again!"

~ Anrakyr the Traveller, Necron Overlord

The Necrons are what remains of an ancient race that sought immortality - and gained it, trading flesh for metal, and death for deathlessness.

Background[edit | edit source]

An eternity ago, the Necrons forsook the frailties of flesh for deathless bodies wrought from cold metal, in their subjugation to the star-gods known as the C'tan. In their new immortal form, they took on the then-masters of the galaxy -- the Old Ones -- and in aeons-long battle they defeated them. In their desperation, the Old Ones seeded the galaxy with psychic races, thus awakening the horrors of the warp, and the Necrons -- weakened by a simultaneous battle of liberation from the C'tan -- retreated to their homeworlds.

There, falling into hibernation, they slumbered for untold time. As other races were born and drove themselves to extinction, they lay deep and undisturbed in multitudinous worlds, tended and defended in their not-sleep by their monstrous Canoptek automata.

Now, across the galaxy, they are awakening. Even here, this Crownworld's master circuits are stirring. The Necrons -- now unthinking machines, save for their few Lords and Triarchs -- are arming themselves for war again. Their technology is millennia ahead of that of the galaxy's younger races. Soon, legions of sinister, advanced war machines will pour from the tombs buried beneath the planet to conquer and enslave -- nothing mortal is safe.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Playstyle: Deathless Metal
  • Initial Challenge: Easy
  • Arise: Necrons can only found cities on top of Necron Tombs.
  • Necrodermis Repair: Necron units can spend influence to repair in the field.
  • Dimensional Corridor: Necron infantry units can spend influence to teleport to Eternity Gates.
  • Sleeping Units: Necrons spend energy to produce units, and ore for unit upkeep
  • Rapid Rise: Necrons can spend influence to rush production
  • No Food: Necrons do not require food; their population consumes ore,
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Units & Heroes
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Infantry Necron WarriorsImmortalsHeavy DestroyersCanoptek ScarabsTriarch PraetoriansTranscendent C'tan
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Flyers Night ScytheDoom Scythe
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