Necron buildings

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This article covers Necron buildings.

Overview[edit | edit source]

List[edit | edit source]

Royal Court
Headquarters building that generates resources.
Slave Mastaba
Building that constructs new buildings as well as generates influence and increases loyalty.

Resources[edit | edit source]

Energy Core
Building that generates energy.
Building that increases population limit.
Building that generates influence.
Baroque Shrine
Building that increases loyalty.
Al-Khemic Quarry
Building that harvests ore.
Forbidden Archive
Building that generates research.

Unit production[edit | edit source]

Royal Pyramid
Building that produces heroes as well as generates influence and increases loyalty.
Summoning Core
Building that produces infantry and creatures as well as generates research and influence.
Hypostyle Temple
Building that produces ground vehicles as well as increases loyalty.
Nameless Causeway
Building that produces aircraft as well as generates energy, research, influence and increases loyalty.
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