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This page is an overview of the currently available Downloadable Content (DLC) expansion packs for Gladius.

Lord of Skulls exclusive unit (also included in the Deluxe Edition)[edit | edit source]

This adds a massively powerful neutral unit, the Lord of Skulls, as well as its own mini quest to the game. When the DLC is activated in the pre-game settings, the Lord of Skulls will be spawned next to the most powerful player during the middle of the game, at which point the "Skulls for the Skull Throne" quest will be initiated. Players then have 10 turns to destroy it. If they are successful, they will be rewarded with a 10% damage reduction bonus applied to all their units for the rest of the game. When the time runs out, the Lord of Skulls will disappear, but it will keep returning at a later point until it has been destroyed.

Reinforcement Pack[edit | edit source]

This pack adds 5 new units to the game. These are units for each of the original 4 factions, as well as 1 neutral unit.

Tyranids[edit | edit source]

The first faction to be added to Gladius via DLC are the Tyranids, bringing the playable factions up to 5.