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The Astra Militarum are able to use multiple edicts with different efects to improve their cities temporarily. These can be found in the bottom left of the city menu. All edicts are activatable by spending 40 Influence.png Influence, have a 10 turn Cooldown.png Cooldown and need to be unlocked with research.

List of Edicts[edit | edit source]

Edict Effect Research tier Description
Inspired Training +33% Production.png Production for Imperial Barracks 1
Rites of the Machine Spirits +33% Production.png Production for Manufactorums 2
Agronomic Surge +33% Food.png Food 3
Extraction Quotas +33% Ore.png Ore 4
Breeding Licenses +33% Growth.png Growth 5
Revelations of the Omnissiah +33% Research.png Research 6
Coven Foci +33% Production.png Production for Psyker Covens 7
Running Hot +33% Energy.png Energy 8
Naval Orders +33% Production.png Production for Voidports 9
Bulwark of the Emperor +2 Armor.png Armour for units inside the city 10
Propaganda Broadcast +33% Loyalty.png Loyalty 10

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