Astra Militarum

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Though our tanks and artillery are mighty, it is the vast ranks of Imperial Guardsmen that shall trample the enemy to dust -- let them come.
~ Ursarkar E. Creed, Lord Castellan of Cadia

The Astra Militarum, commonly known as the Imperial Guard, is the primary fighting force of the Imperium of Man Across a galaxy of a hundred billion stars, there must be billions of Guardsmen at least -- yet even the Departmento Munitorum on Terra, which oversees this immense force, has no real idea of how many troops there are at any one time. A safe estimate is to say that there are millions of regiments.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Playstyle: Indiscriminate ranged firepower
  • Initial Challenge: Hard
  • Billions of Men: Inexpensive ranged infantry, but susceptible to morale loss.
  • Heavy Armour: Mighty armoured vehicles with many upgrades.
  • Thundering Artillery: Extremely long-ranged artillery.
  • Imperial Bastion: Defensive fortifications to keep attackers at bay.
  • The Bureaucracy of War: Issue city edicts to increase city output.
Astra Militarum
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Units & Heroes
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Infantry GuardsmenHeavy Weapons SquadTechpriest EnginseersTempestus ScionsWyrdvane PsykersBullgryns
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Flyers ValkyrieThunderboltMarauder Bomber
Stationary Imperial Bastion
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