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Artefacts are a special, ancient boon that can be found on Gladius Prime. Rare and difficult to obtain, artefacts provide each of the factions with a notable bonus in the campaign to conquer the planet.

Types[edit | edit source]

Ancient Exterminatus Device
Mobile artefact unit that can destroy the planet.
Ancient Pathcutter
Stationary artefact unit that increases the Movement.png Movement points by +1.
Stationary artefact unit that restores 0.5 Hitpoints.png Hitpoints each turn.
Full Spectrum Analyzer
Stationary artefact unit that increases Sight.png Sight by one tile.
Mobile Holoprojector
Stationary artefact unit that increases Hitpoints.png Hitpoints by 10%.
Old One Artefact
Stationary artefact unit that increases Damage.png Damage by +10%.
Siren Caster
Stationary artefact unit that increases the Loyalty.png Loyalty in each city by +3.
Vaul Control Device
Mobile artefact unit used to control the gift of the Silent King. Used in the Necron campaign.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • Obviously, controlling artefacts is a vital part of the game, especially early on when you're wanting for upgrades and survivability. To control a artefacts, simply approach and interact with it using a unit, securing its boon for your faction. Wresting control of one from another faction is trickier, as as long as there's a unit on the artefact or on an adjacent hex, it will remain under that faction's control. This consumes your action point for the turn. Artefacts of the same type stack!
  • Enslavers spawn next to Artefacts. When approaching an Artefact, it's appropriate to consider how you would handle an Enslaver in the area.